A Call From The North Pole

A Call From The North Pole

We had a call from the North Pole today. Santa is looking to interview 2 Kidkast students on RTE Radio before Christmas.

As he will be talking to you he has asked for a couple of things:

  1. You must be “really” chatty and not shy as Santa wants to have a chat on RTE Radio
  2. You must have a talent (this is why he chose Kidkast) as you may be asked to sing a song, say a poem, play an instrument
  3. The most important thing is you have to write him a letter and specifically he has asked Rather than listing off what they want in the letter, they could ask questions, send Santa some facts about themselves, if they can sing or play tin-whistle or recorder let Santa know as he might ask them to perform… !!  All of these things rather than the list – which can become tedious for poor Santa especially on the radio

Please get working on your letter quickly. We would prefer if you would email the letters to us at info@kidkast.ie and don’t forget to include your name and age. Santa wants all letters before the 13th of December and promises he will come back to us with the two students names very quickly.

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