Classes At Kidkast 2019 to 2020

Classes At Kidkast 2019 to 2020

We have had a very busy week and are very much looking forward to an extremely busy Saturday in the studios tomorrow. Most of our classes are now full and we have many many new students joining this year.

To our existing students we can’t wait to see you all and catch up on all the gossip of the summer. To all our new students we want to welcome to you to the Kidkast family and we look forward to forming life long friendships. Our current students will welcome you as everyone had a first day at Kidkast and we are very aware that it is a big thing when you join first.

To the parents of the new students and especially those in the earlier classes please settle your child into the class and then exit the studio. There is a coffee shop on site where you can read a newspaper and have a coffee or tea. You will only be across the corridor from your child and we ask that parents do not wait in the classes as this distracts both students and teachers and takes from the class.

The desk may be busy and if you want to make payment this can be done through the parents portal at if the queue is too large.

Finally thank you for choosing Kidkast and for entrusting us with the care of your child. We love what we do and feel very privileged to see so many talented students grow into young adults.

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