Collon Showcase at Droichead Arts Theatre Thursday 22nd Feb 2018

Collon Showcase at Droichead Arts Theatre Thursday 22nd Feb 2018

Collon Show


Before the show. Please drop your child to the side door of the Theatre (beside Box Office)  Students will be grouped and have minders who will stay with them for the duration of the show.

Senior class (age 11+) should arrive at 4.30pm

Mid class ( age 7-10) should arrive at 5pm

Junior class (age 4-7) should arrive at 6pm

Senior and mid classes will be supervised in the theatre from rehearsal time until the end of the show, however if parents would like to take them out for a break they can do so at 5.45pm, to return to the theatre at 6.30pm.

All students should wear black leggings and black tops for girls, black tracksuit bottoms and tshirt for boys, costume will be worn over these to facilitate quick changes backstage.  Shoes should be plain black light trainers or jazz shoes.

Students will not be allowed to leave theatre during the rehearsal or show.  Anything they need for the evening must be brought with them at the start of the show.  Please ensure children have drinks and snacks with them.

After the show.  Students can be collected at the stage door ( beside box office in Theatre.)

NOTE:The show starts at 7pm on the button. Don’t be Late ! Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

Younger students can wear a light make up, eg. lipstick, blusher, a little eyeshadow.

Senior students should wear a strong stage makeup

Duration of the show is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours

We recommend students bring a drink (no fizzy drinks please only water or juice) and a snack. Fruit would be good!!

Do not bring any valuables i.e. money, mobile phones or iPods or jewellery.  JEWELLERY AND WATCHES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE WORN ON STAGE!

We hope you all enjoy this years production!

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on 041 9836 200 or 087 689 4860.

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