For Students Taking Part In Scotch Hall For The Arrival Of Santa

For Students Taking Part In Scotch Hall For The Arrival Of Santa

Students will return to the studios from the steps of St Peters at 6pm approx.

Students will walk to Scotch hall from the studios at approx. 6.15pm to arrive Schotch Hall for 6.30pm approx.

For those only taking part in the Scotch Hall performance please arrive 6.40pm at the information desk on 1st level beside BB’s Coffee Shop.

By 6.45 we will enter the waiting area for the arrival of Santa. No parents will be allowed in here.

The show starts at 7.30 and takes approx. 15 minutes.

Students can be collected from the information desk beside BB’s at 8pm. The 8 – 12 age group will require a parent or guardian to collect them and we will not allow them to leave unaccompanied. The seniors will be allowed to leave unless we are asked otherwise by you and by email to

The waiting area before the show may be cold please ensure students have warm clothes with them.

Students have all been given their costumes.

Full stage makeup for seniors and light makeup for juniors

Hair.. High ponytail for Santa Girls, Elves and all seniors

Hair.. Low ponytail or low bun for Penguins, Snow Men and Gingerbread Men

Hair.. 1/2 up and 1/2 down for Candy Canes

What To Wear

Penguins Black Leggings, Black Jazz Shoes or Plane Black Shoes

Candy Canes Tan Tights, Black Jazz Shoes

Elves Black Jazz Shoes

Snow Men Plain White Runners / Shoes

Santa Girls Tan Tights, Black Jazz Shoes

Red Tutu Girls Tan Tights, White Ankle Socks, Black Jazz Shoes

Seniors Tanned Jazz Shoes, Tan Tights

Gingerbread Men Black Jazz Shoes

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