I Am Safe

I Am Safe

We are committed to our student’s personal wellbeing at Kidkast. We have had many parents discuss their children’s anxieties, concerns and stresses with us over the last number of years and have for some time searched for a platform to help students with their mental wellbeing. Whereas we are very cognisant of the speciality in dealing with children’s mental health we wanted to offer gentle assistance to our students in feeling good about themselves.

We recently teamed up with Laura Hilliard, who has been in the Holistic and Wellness industry for over 28 years. Laura workshopped last year on the “Polyvagal Theory” and whereas the name is quite a mouthful in practise it isn’t. Our nervous system is wired to connect to create a safe space within all of us and this is how we arrived at the name “I Am Safe”. Through mindfulness with movement, breathing and connection in a fun way our aim is to help with feelings of anxiety, being overwhelmed and immobilization. Laura has workshopped this with many groups of children and pre-teens within Ireland.

I Am Safe” is three 1-hour workshops which will take place Friday 14th and 28th of February and Friday the 6th of March from 5pm to 6pm each evening. We are aiming this at students between the ages of 7 and 13 years. It is important to note that this is not a counselling session and is a gentle and fun approach to being kind to yourself.

This is a pilot programme for us and is fully funded by Kidkast and there is no charge to take part.  This is only open to Kidkast students and numbers will be strictly limited and places will be allocated on a first come basis. All that we ask is for students to commit to all three workshops. Please talk to John for further details.

Booking can be be made through the parent’s portal ( sixtechsoftware.com ) under classes and then available classes.

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