Kidkast Back To Classes

Kidkast Back To Classes

We have been running classes all week and are looking forward to our first Saturday back since we had to close back in March. Please read contents of this post carefully.


It has been a big job to organise all the classes with the current restrictions. Please check the parent portal to make sure we have your class choices correct. We ask that you do this as a matter of urgency as the longer an error is left the more difficult it will be for us to facilitate you in the correct class.

To log into the parent portal please

  • Go to
  • Choose parent login
  • Type “Kid” and choose Kidkast Drogheda
  • The email we have registered against you in the system is your username and you can either set a password or use your password if you remember it. The password is set by you.

Once in the parent portal choose the “classes” button which is red.

You will see Enrolled Classes and a triangle beside your child’s name. This is the list of the classes we have you registered in. It lists the class, day and time and then presents it in coloured boxes spread across the week below.

Under this there is an Available Classes button. When you press on this it will show what classes are available for your child during the week. If you press on the class boxes you can add to a waiting list for this class.

You are not able to remove a student from a class. If we have scheduled you into a class that you do not want please email us to with the class and student name. We would appreciate if you would do this as a matter of urgency as all classes are full, with waiting lists.


Moving forward some of the Saturday classes have had to be split into Red and Blue groups as we are restricted on numbers allowed. If you see your classes with a Red or Blue reference this will mean that this class for your child will operate on alternative weeks and fees will be adjusted accordingly.

There is some space during the midweek classes if your child wants to take class every week. Please email to if you would prefer to change to a weekday class. Yet again we urge you to act sooner as space is extremely limited. This Saturday, 3rd October is RED week, 10th October is BLUE week. We will issue the timetable for the rest of term later. Students will only be allowed to stick with their group.

The following Saturday classes are affected and all others run every week.

  • Hip Hop Red 8-10 yrs (Sat 1pm)
  • Hip Hop Red 10-14 years
  • Musical Theatre Red 15 +yrs
  • Musical Theatre Red 8-11 yrs (Sat)
  • Singing Red (8-20)
  • Musical Theatre Red 12-14 yrs
  • Hip Hop Inter/Adv Blue
  • Hip Hop age 8-11 Blue
  • Musical Theatre Blue 15+yrs
  • Musical Theatre Blue 8-11 yrs (Sat)
  • Musical Theatre Blue12-14 yrs
  • Singing Blue Group


All students must complete their Covid Return To Class form and this is done through the parent portal and by clicking the yellow Covid box. This then shows against your profile on our software. This is really important and children may not be allowed to take part in class if this is not done.


Once you are happy with your class choices fees can be paid online. For Saturday Club Students and Students in the Red and Blue classes we are working with the IT company to allow us to display these fees correctly. We hope to have this resolved by the end of the week. Once classes are settled and decided, we will issue sibling discounts. Please email should you have any questions re fees.

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