TLT Show For One Night Only- Rehearsal Schedule By Class

TLT Show For One Night Only- Rehearsal Schedule By Class

We have organised the coming week rehearsals by class to make it easy to read. Each class has its own colour as some classes have more than one rehearsal time and day.


Please note

  • Classes today (Friday, 27th May) are as normal in Old Abbey Dance Studios
  • Classes tomorrow (Saturday, 28th May) are as normal in Old Abbey Dance Studios
  • Sunday 29th May rehearsal is at Old Abbey Dance Studios. Vocal recordings are arranged for Sunday afternoon from 1 to 5pm, during rehearsal times
  • From Monday 30th May to Saturday 4th June inclusive all classes will take place at revised times according to the attached rehearsal schedule and will only take place in The TLT Theatre and not Old Abbey Dance Studios or Teach Raithneach
  • The ONLY exceptions to this are the older Drama classes during the week and also the 3 years Song and Dance class scheduled for the Saturday the 4th at 9.15am. We will email these classes individually

All students will be costumed by us, and we are busy working through this at the moment. We will issue a list, by class on any extra pieces needed i.e. socks, runners, shoes etc. We will also issue an email giving full details on make-up, hair and arrival times etc early next week.

Ticket sales are strong, and we recommend that you get your tickets as early as is possible to avoid any disappointment.

Finally, this is a very busy week with a huge volume of work to get through. Rehearsals are not an exact science and may run over time. We ask for your understanding and patience in this regard. Parents are not permitted into the Theatre during rehearsal times. The management from the Theatre have asked that students are dropped and collected from the front door.

Exciting times..!!!!!!

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