Booking Your Classes Today

Booking Your Classes Today

When booking your class today please remember

  • All classes are set to Waiting List – this way we can prioritise our current students
  • Current students will have priority booking up to 9am tomorrow morning and after this we will open to new students
  • Classes will be available to book from 12pm today and not before


All bookings are online and through or parent portal at Sixtech Software

Current students

  • Your username is your email address
  • Your password will have been set by you – alternatively click the forgot password option and you can easily reset it

New Students

  • Follow the logging in and choose the Register New Student option
  • You will be asked for the parent details first
  • Once within the parent portal you can register your children as classes will not be available until you add a name and date of birth

Today From 12

  • Within the portal click on the red button – Classes and Workshops
  • You will see your child’s name and two lines below
  • The first says These are the classes this student is enrolled in – this will remain empty until your child’s classes are allocated
  • The second says These are the available classes and this is the important one. From 12 classes will appear here and you can make your choice
  • Please remember that all classes are set to a waiting list, so this does not necessarily mean there is no space. Simply click on the choice of class or classes and follow the instructions
  • When you have chosen your classes, the list will populate under a new heading – these are the classes you are on a waiting list for
  • As we add your child to the class it will move from waiting list to enrolled classes and we will do this over the weekend

Finally we are starting back at about 30% of where we were at pre Covid and this will mean that not everyone will get their choice or possibly a place in September. Please understand that we are constrained by the restrictions. Once we know everyone’s choices, we can look to see how we can accommodate, so we ask for your patience and understanding.

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