We have begun the arduous task of costuming the show. All students will be costumed over the next 7 days. If you have any queries please email however we have a full week at rehearsals to cover everything.

As you receive your costumes please take care of them as all costumes have been labelled and there will be a charge for non returned or damaged costumes.

Rented costumes are required to be returned on the Monday so all students are required to leave all costumes at the theatre after their last show. 

Please be patient over the coming week and remember all rehearsals are in the TLT Theatre moving forward. Collon classes are as normal on Monday in Teach Raithneach.

At rehearsals this week parents will not be allowed wait in the auditorium, your co-operation in this will be appreciated.

We will email again during the week with the FAQ’s for the show ie arrival, make up, what to bring etc.

Finally this is a very busy week. Rehearsals by their very nature can run over time. We will aim to keep to rehearsal times as best we can, so please be patient with us.

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