It’s Nearly Showday..!!

It’s Nearly Showday..!!


  • All students will be chaperoned during the show.
  • Younger students will watch the show from the balcony in their class groups and are chaperoned when not on stage
  • We have a seamstress onsite to cover any costume mishaps.
  • We have hired security on the only two points of access (balcony door and side exit) to ensure no students leave un-monitored and only helpers will be granted access to these areas.
  • We have hired the Red Cross for any first aid or medical needs
  • We have hired a marquee from Northeast Marquees to allow extra space at the rear of the theatre

Before The Show

Please drop your child in the theatre auditorium. This can be a busy time and to avoid congestion, parents should leave the area as quickly as possible. Students will be grouped and have their minders who will stay with them for the duration of the show.

  • For the 2pm Show – Classes age 8 and upwards should arrive at 12.30 pm at the TLT Theatre
  • For the 2pm Show – Junior classes, age 4-7 should arrive at 1pm sharp
  • For the 6.30 pm showAll Classes should arrive for 5.30pm

During The Show

Please do not look to find or see your child during the show. Parents will not be allowed access to the balcony or backstage areas. Our security staff will be on the balcony door and side of theatre to ensure students are not able to leave un-monitored and parents will be stopped from entering the backstage and changing area, please respect this.

All students will be well looked after and in the unlikely event of a parent being needed on the balcony during the show, an announcement will be made. If you are called to the balcony, please don’t panic we can call parents for a variety of reasons (sometimes even just a hug is needed!)

Students will not be allowed to leave the balcony area to go to the shop, or into the theatre at any stage of the show or interval. Anything they need for the evening must be brought with them at the start of the show.

After The Show

Junior Children (age 4-7 classes) will be brought back to their balcony seats and will be brought to the balcony door upstairs for collection.

All other children will be brought to the side of stage for collection (stage right or the stage door facing you as you enter the theatre). 

This is a busy process, and we ask parents not to rush the door. Your co-operation will ensure the smooth and safe exiting of the students. Yet again no parents are allowed backstage or on the balcony and please do not try to take your child without making minders or teachers aware.

General Notes

  • Please note the car park in The TLT will be closed for parking on Saturday. Please give yourself time to park in the Tesco carpark and walk up to the theatre.
  • The Red Cross have requested that any students who may require medication such as inhalers etc to bring these with them on the day as Covid restricts the sharing of these items.
  • Make Up Younger students can wear a light make up, e.g., lipstick, blusher, a little eyeshadow. Senior students should wear a strong stage makeup and should be tanned.
  • All classes perform throughout the show, with some not appearing onstage until well into the second half. When they are not on stage, they will be supervised on the balcony to watch the show before coming on stage. 
  • Please do not ask to collect your children during the show or at the interval as it poses a safety risk, causes a huge disruption and delays the safe running of the show. Remember Child safety before, during and after the show is our primary concern.
  • NOTE: The shows will start at 2pm & 6.30pm on the button, when coming to see the show please don’t be Late! Latecomers will not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance. Please allow plenty of time for parking. The duration of the show is approximately 2 ½ hours + interval
  • We recommend students bring a drink (no fizzy drinks please only water or juice) and a snack. Fruit would be good!! DO NOT BRING ANY NUT PRODUCTS AS WE HAVE SEVERAL STUDENTS WITH SEVERE NUT ALLERGIES.
  • Do not bring any valuables i.e., money, mobile phones or jewellery. JEWELLERY AND WATCHES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE WORN ON STAGE and students will be asked to remove them before performing and we cannot ensure their safe keeping in this instance!
  • Students taking part in 2 shows can be collected for a short break between shows.  Senior students (age 12+) may stay in the theatre. Younger students may stay in the theatre by prior arrangement and will be supervised. Show 1 expects to finish 4.30pm approx and students must return for 5.30pm so be aware that there will be very little time.
  • NO COSTUMES ARE TO BE TAKEN HOME AFTER THE SHOWS, ALL COSTUMES MUST BE LEFT IN THE THEATRE.  After the last show do not bring costumes home. They must be left in the bags provided in the changing rooms. Many of this year’s costumes are hired and are to be returned on Sunday after the show.  There will be a charge for late return. Please ensure that your child has something to change into after the show.  Parents, please check that younger students have left all costumes behind them (including leotards/leggings/shorts provided by us)
  • Security will stop any unauthorised persons from entering backstage or the balcony. Please do not try go into the children’s changing area. Students will be brought to you.
  • Senior Students be aware, after the Finale, no one should leave the stage until the younger students are safely brought to the balcony.
  • We have hired a photographer for both shows and the photos will be available on our Facebook and Instagram page, we are also videoing the shows.
  • We hope you all enjoy the show! ·        

If you have any further questions, please email

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