Kidkast Online Class Collaboration

Kidkast Online Class Collaboration

We are really excited to announce a new collaboration with Kidkast and Dance Associates who are based in Newry. 

Dance Associates is owned and run by our contemporary teacher Nina Dibb and like KidkastNina has been running live classes via Zoom during the closure. Nina also runs pre-recorded classes from industry professionals.

Kidkast students are welcome to partake in any of the online zoom and pre-recorded classes that Dance Associates host and in turn students of Dance Associates are welcome to take part in the online zoom classes hosted by Kidkast.

We will continue not to charge for our classes and Nina has kindly agreed to allow our students take part in her classes without charge during the Covid 19 closure. We hope you see this as a great opportunity and an addition to the number of classes available to your child or children during the lock-down. 

A full list of classes is to follow, but our first collaboration is a pre-recorded Contemporary class with Chaz Buzan for advanced senior students. This class takes place from 7-8pm tomorrow, Friday 8th May.

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