Online Classes At Kidkast During Covid 19

Online Classes At Kidkast During Covid 19

We provided a limited number of online classes this week and it was really great to see everyone and we had a lot of fun.

The overwhelming response has been positive and we will continue to provide a skeleton schedule of classes while the studios are shut, as long as the students want them. Please be aware that we have a very limited on teacher availability and it is a challenging platform to teach on, so we will provide as broad a range of classes and for as broad a range of students ages that our resources allow.

We are using Zoom as an online platform and Zoom Cloud Meeting is the particular App that we use. To get access you will need to put in a class ID and a password. We are emailing a list daily and in the email we list the class, age and ID and password. If you have not received an email please log in to the parents portal at as all emails are captured here, within the Messaging button. Zoom is free and we are not charging for our online classes during the closure. Students are welcome to take any or all of the classes as it is not restricted to only the ones that they take in the studios.

Beth and Isobel have some fun things line up on Instagram to amuse the students and I think I heard TikTok mentioned too..!!!!

In the meantime Tracey and I wish everyone well and please stay safe.

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