Kidkast Update And News

Kidkast Update And News

With the move to Level 3 restrictions Kidkast will close from midnight tonight 6th October 2020 until restrictions allow us to re-open. Current advice is that things will be reviewed in 3 weeks and hopefully we will be allowed to re-open then. We will run classes today (Tuesday 6th October), as currently we are allowed to.

Unfortunately, we are going to have to learn to live with and adapt our lifestyles to cope with Covid 19 and more closures are a possibility moving forward. Kidkast will continue to run by terms and our terms are now 9 weeks in duration and each day of classes will receive 9 weeks, albeit with a break in between as restrictions may move up and down the scale. When restrictions allow, we will pick up from the Wednesday class and the term will continue and once each day has had their 9 weeks of classes, we will move to term 2. We trust that you understand as there is nothing else that we can do. In the meantime:-

  • Students who takes midweek classes, your term fees are reading correctly and payment can be made online and through the parent portal at
  • Students taking the Red and Blue classes on Saturday, we have yet to work out the price for the term and will hopefully have this completed as soon as possible. We hope to be able to merge some of the Red and Blue classes to allow students to take them weekly instead of bi-weekly, but we need to run the second Saturday to see numbers before knowing which can be merged.
  • For Club students we are still working with the IT company to resolve the issue of how we display the Club fees. Covid has not just affected our classes..!!! Students who take 4 classes the cost is €30 per week, 5 classes is €35 per week and 6 classes is €40 per week. Yet again payment can be made online through the parent portal at for the week just gone if payment has not been made already.

We are gutted for the students. They have accepted and have carried the last number of months without question. They are wonderful and it was our great pleasure to have prepared a safe environment for them to return to. It will come back and we will recover from this and we wish you and your family all the very best over the next couple of weeks. We will email as soon as we have news.

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