All Ireland Hip Hop Championships 2017

All Ireland Hip Hop Championships 2017

Another great year in Trabolgan and a huge thank you to Dave, Tommy and all the gang from Spectrum Dance Events for making it such a memorable weekend for students and parents.

As usual we have returned with plenty of shiny trophies to add to our collection. Well done to everyone as we are so very proud of all of our students. Here are the results (please message us if we took down an wrong position or left anything out)

Results from Trabolgan 2017

Damage (U16 Champions) 1st Place
Phoenix (U14 Starters) 5th Place
Lil Dudes (U12 Starters) 7th Place
Sweet Peas (U8 Open) 6th Place

Alesia Astilean 1st place under 10 first timer
Callum Carroll 2nd place under 10 starter
Aoife Curran 2nd place under 12 first timer
Gabriele Miniuskaite Karoliute 3rd place under 12 first timer
Chris Howick Crook 2nd place under 16 Breaking
Chris Howick Crook 1st place under 14 champions
Megan Campbell 4th place under 16 Breaking
Erin Lane 3rd place under 14 first timer
Fiadh Tivnan 2nd place under 6 first timers
Boann Tivnan 3rd place under 8 first timers
Chris Howick Crook 2nd place under 14 Popping

Hannah Doyle and Saoirse Dunne 4th place under 10 starter
Megan Campbell and Roisin Nicdhonnadhcha 3rd place under 16 starter
Eleanor Flynn and Laura McKenna 1st place under 16 starter
Fiadh Tivnan and Jenny Howick Crook 4th place under 6 starter

Tori Dillon, Chris Howick Crook and Ava McCabe 4th place under 14

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