Saturday Club Students Registration

Saturday Club Students Registration

Last Saturday was the fifth Saturday of the first term and we are now settled into the current year, 2017 to 2018.

Club is a brilliant way to experience the full ensemble of classes at a greatly reduced class rate. Club is for students who take at least four hours of classes on a Saturday and only applies to Saturday classes.

Club rate per 10 week term is €250 for 4 classes, €300 for 5 classes or €350 for 6 classes. This can be paid in advance or weekly at €25, €30 or €35 per week. We ask that all fees are paid weekly or in advance but not in arrears. If a student misses a week this must be paid for still.

We require all Club students to return their completed form at their next class. Forms can be collected in the studios or downloaded from the following link to registration form

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